Ails McGee on Jon Hopper, "He has a unique approach. His work is in many ways the essence of cool: there's a cinematic 'apres-ski' vibe to it. But there's also a thoughtful, philosophical quality to the finish of the pieces, the materials that have been used, and the feeling that this stuff is special. It's not meant to be tossed away like so much of the mass produced tat. He's the real thing."

Meet Jon

Jon Hopper is a designer and maker from the South West of England. A multi-disciplinary artists with a broad set of skills working in several mediums ranging from metalwork to electronic art and installation. Jon applies a traditional attitude to craftsmanship juxtapozed with advanced modern day technology to create limited edition and one off designer pieces.

For me art is more than one singular discipline it is how I as an artist convey whichever particular message through the work and the materials to the viewer. I think in our modern society we have lost touch with good craftsmanship and just buy whatever is cheap not thinking about how long things will last, this throw away lifestyle results in cheap mass-produced products which the consumer just throws away and buys new. Consumerism pushes the world’s resources, I strive to make things to the best of my ability with whatever I have at hand, making contemporary bespoke products and works of art. 'Laser lighting' is an award wining designer lighting range (awarded the visual arts award by The Devon Guild of Craftsmen 2011) also exhibited nationaly at New Designers London, Bovey Tracey Devon Guild, 45 southside Plymouth and Plymouth College of Art within 2011. The current range of laser lighting comprises of the 'Cube' which is made in frosted acrylic, birch faced plywood and steel and 'tear' made in frosted acrylic, and birch faced plywood. The 'tear' also has a unique function of being able to detach itself to allow the user to change the light bulb inside the frosted tube.



Steel lazer lighting cube

PLYWOOD lazer lighting cube

PLYWOOD lazer lighting TEARDROP

ACRYLIC lazer lighting cube

ACRYLIC lazer lighting TEARDROP

Cast Glass lighting cube

Repeat Form Scultpure

Repeat Form Cube


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